Program and Data Associate Job Description

November 2019

The Colibrí Center for Human Rights is a nonprofit organization in Tucson with the mission to end disappearance and uphold human dignity along the U.S.-Mexico border. Colibrí works in solidarity with families of disappeared migrants to find truth and justice through forensic science, investigation, and community organizing. Colibrí bears witness to this unjust loss of life, raising consciousness about this human rights crisis.

Through the Missing Migrant Project and DNA Program, Colibrí works with medical examiners to compare information families provide about the missing as well as DNA samples with unidentified remains recovered along the border in the hopes of giving families the answers they deserve. Colibrí builds support and solidarity among families and friends of missing migrants and advocates for change through the Family Network Program.

The Program and Data Associate is responsible for office functions and data that support the Colibrí Center’s programs. This position requires fluency in English and Spanish.

This is a full-time position. Salary is $32,000 per year. Colibrí offers a basic benefits package, including medical insurance.

Hours:  Full-time

Status:  Exempt

Salary: $32,000

Reports to: Executive Director


  • Communications and Fundraising
    • – Provide support to the Executive Director on fundraising work, including helping prepare grant proposals and private donation fundraising campaigns and materials
    • – Manage incoming communications: phone, social media, email
    • – With the Executive Director, develop overall communications plan and messaging
    • – Ensure the Colibrí Center has a strong presence on social media
    • – Prepare and publish the Colibrí Center’s monthly newsletter
    • – Manage the mailing list 
    • – Coordinate staff response to press and media requests
    • – Ensure Colibrí’s website is current and fully functional
  • Administration
    • – Assist the Executive Director with legal compliance and insurance coverage
    • – Maintain office files, both physical and electronic
    • – Maintain office equipment and supplies
    • – Assist the Executive Director in ensuring that all staff follow Colibrí policies
    • – Assist the Executive Director in developing and implementing security practices
    • – Ensure that staff complete monthly debit card reports and provide those reports, bank statements, and other financial information to the bookkeeper 
    • – Process donations and ensure thank you’s are sent
    • – Manage Colibrí’s intern and volunteer program
    • – Fulfill orders for merchandise and find ways to increase merchandise sales
    • – Coordinate Colibrí participation in public events, and participate when appropriate
    • – Supervise interns and volunteers working on communications and administration
    • – Collaborate with Colibrí staff on additional projects as needed
  • Board Support
    • – Assist the Executive Director with preparation of materials for board meetings
  • Program Support
    • – Be trained to a high level in the Colibrí Center’s Missing Migrant Program’s work and assist the program’s director a minimum of two hours per week by taking missing persons reports, intern support, or other tasks.
    • – Be trained to a moderate level in the Colibrí Center’s Family Network Program and assist the program’s director as needed.

Education, Experience and Skills:

  • – Experience working with immigrant or refugee communities
  • – Fully bilingual in Spanish and English with strong written communication skills in each language
  • – Self-organized and self-directed
  • – Attention to detail
  • – Humility, empathy, and a collaborative spirit
  • – Proficiency in Google Suite, Microsoft Office, and social media
  • – Knowledge of issue of migrant disappearances on the U.S.-Mexico border

To apply, send resume and cover letter to [email protected]. Position is open until filled. Applications received by November 18, 2019 will be considered in the first round of interviews. Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted by the Colibrí Center for Human Rights.

Colibrí is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from people of color, persons with disabilities, women, and LGBTQIA+ applicants. Individuals with personal immigration stories are strongly encouraged to apply, as are those with advanced proficiency in Spanish and/or indigenous languages from Mexico and Central America.

Disclaimer: These jobs are performed under general office conditions, and are not subject to any strenuous physical demands or dangerous conditions.