“Migrar Es Amar” T-Shirt

We chose to design this t-shirt with the phrase “migrar es amar” or “to migrate is to love” because we believe that migrants and their families exemplify the verb “to love”. Migration is an act of radical love: love for one’s family that drives us to labor to support them or bring them to a place where they might have a chance to thrive, and the love for one’s self that helps us believe in seeking a better, safer future. Tragically, for too many people, this act has resulted in death and disappearance, forcing families into the devastatingly painful position of searching for answers about those they care about most. Though tragic, the process of searching is itself an act of profound love. At Colibrí, we work to accompany families in this act of love, partnering with them to find the answers they need to reunite with a missing loved one. Our work is built on that tenacious belief that, as human beings, we all deserve a reality where human rights are protected, families are respected, and migration is safe so no one loses their lives. We hope you join us in spreading the message that to migrate is to love. Migrar es amar.

All proceeds go to the Colibrí Center for Human Rights to support our work with families in search of missing loved ones on the border.

T-Shirt Price: $30*

*Includes the cost of shipping and handling for continental U.S. Additional fees may apply for international shipping.