University of Arizona – The School of Anthropology

As a public research university serving the diverse citizens of Arizona and beyond, the mission of the University of Arizona is to provide a comprehensive, high-quality education that engages our students in discovery through research and broad-based scholarship. We aim to empower our graduates to be leaders in solving complex societal problems. Whether in teaching, research, outreach or student engagement, access and quality are the defining attributes of the University of Arizona’s mission.


The School of Anthropology enjoys a long tradition of academic excellence, and today is ranked fifth in the United States. Well respected by researchers throughout the world, it is home to a diverse community of anthropologists who study all aspects of human life, from our hominid origins millions of years ago to the vast diversity of populations living in the world today.

Our anthropologists ask questions about all components of the human experience, and seek to describe and interpret human behavior and culture, language, biology, and the environment at many levels of organization – from molecules to ecosystems.

The School of Anthropology is also one of the few institutions to fully support the integrated subdiscipline approach to Anthropology, with research embracing Sociocultural Anthropology (including Applied Anthropology), Biological Anthropology, Archaeology and Linguistic Anthropology. Through the School, the University of Arizona provides meaningful opportunities to learn about what is human, how we evolved, and what lies in our future.

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